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Zoom It! Tool in action!

Hi Folks,

This time I will not be talking about programming though it’s a very usefull tool for everybody, I will be talking about using Zoom It! tool.

Where you can Zoom In to the screen while presenting your software code, interface or even in any of your presentations and fun stuff.

To download the tool, you just login to Microsoft Windows Sysinternals and search for Zoom It!, here is a link to download.

How to use it:
1- You need to run the Zoom It program.
2- To Zoom in: press Ctrl + 1
3- To Draw on the screen: while in the zome mode, click on the screen, then you can Draw on the screen.
4- To Type on the screen: while in the zoom mode, press the letter “T”, then move the mouse over and start typing.

Below is a sample video I have recorded to show you Zoom It in action.

Happy presentations!

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