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Remote Access PC through VPN issue

Hi Folks,

Lately I’ve been trying to access my PC at work through the company’s VPN, but with no luck, I though I would share this with you guys.

I noted the PC name and IP address, but when I reach home and try to connect, it gives me an error that the PC name or IP address does not exists.

I thought the problem was from the Remote Access group on the PC, but my account is in the Admin group.

Finally, I was checking my PC Power Options, and found out that the PC will go into Sleep mode after 30min if not used, and that was the problem; everyday when I leave office, it goes into the sleep mode and that was the reason why I couldn’t access it remotely.

To solve this issue, I changed the Power Options so my PC will never go to sleep, and remote access is back again!



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One thought on “Remote Access PC through VPN issue

  1. You rock Saed. you saved my life

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