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Report Viewer Parameters in Visual Studio 2010 – No Code

Hi Folks,

I’ve been trying since a long time finding an article of how to pass parameters to a Report Viewer control in Visual Studio 2010, but most of the articles needs lots of code to be written.

But, now I have found the way to create a report and pass parameters easily with only 1 line of code, yes I am serious 1 line of code!! 🙂

And below I will describe the steps with screen shots:
1- You need to create a new Visual Studio Web Site:

2- Then you will have an empty web site.

3- Now, I will create a new database with one table with three columns (ID, Name, City):

Then fill it with some data:

Now I will create a data set for the Contacts table:

Now I will Rebuild the web site:

Now, we need to add reference to Microsoft.ReportViewer.WebForms:
Make sure to select Version

Now, I will create a report:

Save the report.

Now, I will start to build the page of the report:
– Add a DropdownList and a Button:

– Drop a Script Manager control into the page:

– Drop a ReportViewer control:

– Choose the Report we created before, and an ObjectDataSource will be created directly:

– On the Click event of the button write the only Code you need to write to refresh the report:

Congratulations!! the web site is ready and the report takes the parameter and refreshes.

Happy programming!

Report Viewer Control in Visual Studio

Hi Folks,

Here I would like to direct you to some of the useful video casts that I used to know more about the Report Viewer control that exists in Visual Studio 2005 till 2010.

First I will start with a simple report viewer video cast on Channel 9:

Secondly, after that you need to know how to pass parameteres to the report, you can watch this in the following youtube video cast:

I hope this will help!

Happy coding.

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